SMITH COUNTY HUMANE offers spay and neuter assistance for low income individuals and those receiving government assistance. 

2021 Income requirements: (Based on Tennessee Poverty Levels)

Household Size --- Income Level 

1  -  $35000

2  -  $43550

3  -  $54900

4  -  $66250

5  -  $77600

6  -  $88950

7  -  $100300

8  -  $111650

Government Assistance applies IF anyone in the household receives government assistance (Tenncare, SSI, SSA, VA Disability, Foodstamps, TANF, etc) (SENIOR CITIZENS ON MEDICARE ALSO FALL INTO THIS CATEGORY AS LONG AS INCOME MEETS THE GUIDELINES ABOVE).

Please complete the form below, and our Community Assistance Coordinator, Gina will be in touch with you regarding the program and to verify your documents.

LOW INCOME SPAY AND NEUTER ASSISTANCE is available as funding is available to residents of Smith County. 

Once you are approved, you would have 30 days to schedule your appointment with Smith County Animal Clinic. Please do not call them to schedule until you have received an approval letter from our assistance coordinator. YOU MUST KEEP YOUR SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT in order to receive the discounted rate. 

Spay and Neuter assistance covers the spay and/or neutering of your pets, and a rabies shot during the appointment if needed. SCH does not cover any additional services, flea/tick medications, or supplies (e-collars) at this time. You can add on services during your appointment to save some on the visit fee, but SCH is unable to assist with costs for yearly vaccinations (other than rabies), worming, microchipping, Heartworm testing or treatments, or any additional add on services). You will be given a copay amount, and you will pay that copay amount directly to Smith County Animal Clinic the day of your appointment plus any ADDITIONAL SERVICES YOU REQUEST.

IMPORTANT: You MUST go through the approval process every time you need pets spayed and neutered! One time approval does not apply later on. IF you schedule an appointment and ARE NOT on our list of APPROVED CLIENTS at the VET you WILL BE 100% RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL COSTS INCURRED AT THAT APPOINTMENT! Approvals ARE ONLY good for 30 days from the time they are approved AND ONLY for the pets that you have applied for at that time. YOUR COPAY MUST BE PAID AT THE TIME OF YOUR APPOINTMENT -- DO NOT SHOW UP AND SAY YOU DID NOT KNOW THERE IS A COPAY. COPAYS are 100% YOUR RESPONSIBILITY and failure to pay your copay will affect your access to future approvals. 


IF YOU CAN NOT AFFORD THE COPAYS ABOVE PER ANIMAL, please discuss this with our Care Coordinator to see what program might be available for you at that time IF you spay and neuter ALL pets in your household! 

*******IMPORTANT: IF you miss your scheduled appointment, and did not call in advance to reschedule, you are subject to losing your approval for assistance. PLEASE make sure you have arranged transportation, or have reached out for help with transportation before your APPOINTMENT DATE. Smith County Animal Clinic assists SCH and the community with this program, but when patients no show, it affects their daily schedule. SO please be considerate.