From time to time Smith County Humane has feral and community cats that need relocating. Smith County Humane's barn cat relocation program, takes cats that are overrunning a community where they are not wanted, and connects them with local barn relocation partners who are looking for barn cats to help control their rodent populations. 

ANY Feral or community cat that is relocated from its colony, MUST be contained in a secure room or crate (crate preferred) for a minimum of 2 weeks at its new home. It will need litter box, litter, and food/water provided during this time. It is critical for the safety of the cat, that the full transition period be completed. This will help the cat establish that its new territory and home is there at your barn. 

If you are looking for barn cats, please complete the form below.

All cats rehomed through this barn relocation program are spayed and neutered prior to relocation, they also will have a new rabies shot administered at that time. Relocated cats as a part of this program, are relocated at $0 expense to the new barn partner, though donations are always appreciated and accepted. 

Once your application is received, your application will be reviewed, and as cats become available for relocation that fit your home, our Cat Care Coordinator, or a member of our Cat Care Team will be in touch to arrange relocation.